Saturday, March 7, 2009

Oops, better change the sheets: they shit the bed.

Um, yeah. We lost tonight.

6-to-muthafuckin'-0. T-birds.

As "Dave Schultz" said:

"Yesterday division winners, today shit the bed."

Yes, we did have a crapton of people missing- Toll, Kruise, Petr, Mason, Chet and my suspended Hockey Hubby (why, bbi, why?!). Oh, and coach was suspended, too. While we are on the topic of suspensions: Stop fighting, boys. As hawt as it may be, you eventually pay a price. Jussayin'. We did have some behbeh Ams tonight- Yuen and Humps. WOOHOO!! We were all pretty stoked about that. :) Marty started, but we later got Ows in the there (aww, go bbi!!).

Not a whole lot to say about the game. We didn't do much. Asuchak ran over Hickey (mwahahahahaha). I laughed.

But, hey, we're still U.S. division champs, right?? Riiiight????!! Ohhh, science.

I also made some cupcakes last night. Decorated them in support of my hockey hunks. It was also a BITCH to write some of their last names on a 2 1/2" wide cupcake. Apparently some last names weren't meant to be put on cupcakes?? I keed, I keed. I had to use nicknames on some. Then I attempted the real thing on some. I may or may not have carpal tunnel after all that decorating. But I will get some pics up later tonight or tomorrow. :) My roommate was impressed with my domestic diva-ness. lol But we won't talk about the 6 shanked cupcakes either...

More later. :)


spokant said...

Oooohhh, whose got shanked? DO TELL.

And what? You couldn't fit "Procyshen" on a cupcake? BTW, I'll take that one off your hands if you need me too. I'm thoughtful like that.

You Took My Seat said...

I shanked Schmitty's. lol Oh, and Sutherland's, too (but that's a long-ass name). lol And Riley's and Uncle Mitch's. A lot of them were ones I shouldn't have had ANY problem with. FAIL! But I re-did them, so I'll act like it never happened. lol

Ohhh, but Pro's cupcake turned out just fine first try. ;) And that is VERY thoughtful of you. lol You can take it! I've already got my Hockey Hubby's, so I'm good. lol :)