Saturday, March 7, 2009

Oh, snap. :)

Spokant just sent me a little comment on Facebook regarding my status (of course, it's team-related). Made me laugh. haha

My status is "Dear boys: why? Love always, Me."

Spokant's response?

"Dear Millicent,

We lost on purpose so Spokanistan would have to play Seattle instead of Kamloops in the playoffs. Seriously, it was our plan all along. No joke. Fur realz.

Love always,
The Boys

(not really, it was me, Sara)"


Ohhh, I loves it. I'll admit, I'm being a little too intense about this little loss for our boys. I mean, they DID just win the division title. AND they are 16-20 year old boys. AND they probably are a bit excited about life at the moment. AND we should probably do anything (within reason) to make sure Spokanistan struggles, SO I'm sure the second game against a hungry team of T-birds wasn't a huge deal to them. Jussayin'. :) And my team is AWESOME, so I'm sure this was all thoughtfully planned. Or I'm hoping it was. lol

Oh, I hart mah hockee frendz.

And good luck to the hockee frendz who are fiercly working on those scrapbooks for the team... I bet they look great! :) And don't get too many papercuts.


spokant said...

Woohoo! Loves it!

KimberlyBaum said...

Oh man. Sitting there, in my AMS jersey, staring at the scoreboard that says SEA - 6/TRI - 0 ... I thought I might die of shock. Listening to the morons around me chant, "Tri City sucks!" I mean, really, what do you say? Uh, they were sucking ... bad. I think intensity may have been just a teeny bit justified. However, Spokant's response is awesome. She might be a superstar!

You Took My Seat said...

Oh man, I can't imagine. lol I was having a hard time taking it in while I was sitting at home! But I can't believe Seattle fans were chanting that stuff. I mean, we never do that! Ugh.

Spokant's response almost made me pee my pants. lol It pretty much made my night!