Sunday, March 8, 2009

Not sure if you got the memo, but NASCAR isn't a sport.

Ams lost last night and Boston lost today.


And I'm being subjected to NASCAR right now. Well, "right now" being the next 2 hours. UGH. I'm sorry, but sitting your happy ass in a car that goes over 150 MPH and driving it around in circles isn't a sport; it's glorified speeding. So if I hear someone say "I love sports like NASCAR, underwater basketweaving, etc." I may have to shank someone. Oh, and it's the most commercialized, corporate bullshit I've ever seen. How many fucking logos can they stick on one car?! GAAAAH.

I've had to listen to my roommate gush about some guy who passed a kidney stone or some shit over the weekend and decided to bite the bullet and race.

"Wow, he's doing really good for someone who is passing a kidney stone!"

First off, the motherfucker isn't running laps or anything, so chill the fuck out. He's sitting in a car. Driving. WOOOOWWWW. Secondly, I'm sure his stone has passed, so the pain is gone (I should know, I've passed one before). So quit making him sound like a fuckin' hero. And lastly, I DON'T GIVE A SHIT.

500 miles of this. FML.


"Dave Schultz" said...

NASCAR is totally not a sport. I'm with ya on this one sister.

spokant said...

In a perfect world NASCAR would not exist.