Sunday, March 29, 2009

A night full of win.

My hockey team totally ate their Wheaties this morning! No joke.

6-1 Ams!

Right off the bat, one of my potential Hockey Husbands (seriously, I'm not a Hockey Husband whore, I just love my team), Mitch McColm, scored a goal about halfway through the first period. There is a reason why I write his name all over my notebook during class (I don't really, but you get my point)! It was sweet! I may have squealed like a little schoolgirl.

Original Hockey Husband also scored (not with me) in the third period. HOT. He is full of win and hot.

And you know what else totally kicks ass? The Messier-Shinny-Hot Lips combination. For real, pumpkins. That little trio of adorableness produced two goals. *le sigh* I was swoonin' like a 10-year-old front row at a New Kids On the Block concert. LA Gear high tops, slouch socks and all.

Cap'n Pro. We've been wondering where you've been for a while. A bunch of us hockee frendz agreed you were due. And baby, your ears musta been burning 'cause you had a goal AND an assist for the night.

Others who made me wanna dance in my seat:

Fadden with three assists!

Cap'n Pro and his "Go Pro MDA Challenge" and the shitload of money him and his compadres raised (AWESOME!!)

Behbeh Am Zach Yuen- I am SOOOOO STOKED about him! Cannot wait to see what happens next with this kid!

Heemskerk calling it a day

Chetter and his awesomeness, Messier getting FIRST STAR honors for the night (gooooo bbi goooo!!)

Others who made me wanna get my shank on:

Loud-mouthed asshole in section M- STFU. Quit banging on the glass. Quit yelling out "Dailey/Ellington, YOU SUUUUCK!!!" You lack sooo much class; go cheer on the Queefs or something because we don't need classless idiots like you at our games "cheering" on our team.

Father of the Year in the seats next to us- Your kid is cute, but holy hell, sit his ass down. It was annoying trying to dodge you son's head. And it was annoying listening to you "discipline" your son. Maybe if you put as much effort into your parenting as you do spiking your hair (I mean, really? Lay off the gel, dude.) you wouldn't have had to showcase your skills in douchebaggery. YOU, my dear, are a "nobody." Fuck off and get a babysitter next time. kthxbai


BRING ON KELOWNA! Get 'em, boys. Keep working hard and play with everything you've got.

I ♥ my team and my hockee frendz!

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"Dave Schultz" said...

omg, I suck, I just now noticed your Hockey Husband roster on the side LULZ!

best line "Heemskerk" calling it a day. haahahaaa