Saturday, March 28, 2009

Gizzle dizzle! (Snoop Speak for "Game day")

It's game day. Boys can seal the deal tonight. The only thing keeping Everett afloat is that brick wall Heemskerk.

Dimples is hurt, too. :( Taken out on a stretcher and everything. Poor behbeh! Total bummer. I'm hoping it's nothing major (I know they were just taking precautions with the stretcher and all). Get well soon, Dimples! Hate seeing ya come back for a few games and then forced to sit out 'cause of injury. Cookies, cupcakes, hugs, kisses, and "Dave Schultz's" healing waffles for you, behbeh. But maybe I'll get to see you in a suit...?

Family is in town, so I gotta go get ready to see them.


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