Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dear Friday, Hurry the hell up.

*This blog entry is a conglomeration of other blog drafts I had from the past four days. Bear with me.


First game of the second round against Kelowna for my behbehs! Soooooo excited! It's gonna be a guaranteed good time. So you should come out and support the behbehs. :)

First off, I just wanna say I ♥ this team. Like mega♥ them. Agreeing with everyone else- the boys have been playing AMAZING lately. They've finally found a groove and it's working. With all the mothereffin' injuries the past few months, they were constantly forced to change things up and they weren't able to find the chemistry they needed and have it stick. But now, we've got most of our men back, with the exception of the Stoklasa, Plouffer, and Dimples trio, and we can finally achieve some sort of equilibrium. Of course, I'm definitely NOT saying we don't miss the Stoky-Fluffy-Dimples bunch (in terms of playing or just in general)... 'cause I know I do and I'm pretty sure you and your mom do, too. They need to eat healing cuppies and get extra hugs so they get better faster and play again. We miss them. We need them. Get better soon, behbehs!!

Anyway, the boys have been playing with everything they've got because, to be honest, Everett was one helluva team to play and they definitely made us work for our wins. I love it. It's good for the guys. Bad for me 'cause I nearly had a heart attack at some of those games, but we don't care about that. I ♥ this team.

Made cookies today (note: technically yesterday). Almond butter sugar cookies, recipe courtesy of "Dave Schultz". Awesome cookies, my dear friends. I may or may not have pics, though. I decorated some of them, but stopped 'cause my hand hurt. I'm kind of a wuss. But I used the fancyschmancy decorating tips with the frosting and schtuff. It's pretty sweet. I'll try to get more done tonight and take pics. :)

Friend texted me. "Come to Portland with me today." WTF. Um, sure, I'd love to go to Portland (haven't been there in FOREVER), but NOW?? Like, this right-this-second? The weather sucks! I've got work tomorrow! And the morning after that! Gah. Srsly? Are you people out of your minds? Maybe it's 'cause they all live at home and need to get away from mom and dad. I dunno. My reasons for not going are legit, so they can suck it.

Have you noticed I haven't dropped one f-bomb, s-bomb, a-bomb, or any-bomb throughout this whole entry???!!! Or at least I'm sure I didn't. I wanted to see if I could do one whole post without swearing like a sailor that just killed his favorite whore. I think I succeeded. Yay!

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