Sunday, March 15, 2009

"Someone find me my pants! I've got work to do!"

As you are aware, this is the interwebz. It's kinda hard to really get to know someone through it. So, I thought maybe I'd just post a bunch of random facts about moi so you get some idea of what I'm like. lol

-I CONSTANTLY have people asking me where the hell my parents got my name. I don't know. I wish I had some superawesome story behind my horribly crappy name, but I don't. I should probably make something up, eh?

-I use to be a drummer for like 8 years. I was head of my drumline all four years of high school. I pissed off just about every guy (I was the only girl, too) in the line my freshman year, almost got into a fist-and-drumstick fight with one of 'em (totally band geeky, right?!), and argued over techniques/rhythms/etc. all the time. It seriously took me a year just to finally get in the good with those fuckers (not that I cared or anything, though) after they saw I was serious. I still talk to those guys. :) In fact, we're all really good friends. GO FIGURE!

-My family has all of North America covered: My dad's fam is from Mexico and my Mom's family is from Quebec.

-I've performed in front of a crowd of 10,000. Drumsolo included.

-I went to a small effin' high school and lived in an even smaller town.

-I live with one of my best friends. We've known each other since 6th grade and we are TOTAL opposites as far as interests go, but we get along soooo well. She's the sister God never gave me. lol

-My hate for the Spokanistan Chiefs started at an early age for me. I was at a Chiefs/Ams game when I was 11 and some drunk fucker (a Chiefs fan, of course) turned around and yelled at me to "fuck off" because I cheered for the Ams.

-I grew a little after I graduated high school. WTF.

-Proud owner of three tattoos. A star (I know, how original) on my upper-middle back, a treble clef on my right shoulder and a bass clef on my left shoulder. They actually have some symbolism believe-it-or-not.

-I wanna be a doctor someday. I'm not sure if I wanna be an ophthalmologist or do something in the neuroscience area.

-Speaking of school, I'm a pre-med psych major, but I've taken a SHITLOAD of music classes.

-Golf on TV drives me BONKERS.

-Road rage? I gots it. I CANNOT STAND IDIOT DRIVERS. I yell, I honk my horn, sometimes flip the bird, give the stink eye, etc. It's terrible.

-My birthday falls on Thanksgiving every once-in-a-while. It actually ruins my birthday because no one is ever available to hang out because they're with their fam. lol

-Despite my undying love for sleep, I never get enough.

-My brain never stops thinking (yeah, that didn't sound unintelligent) and it interferes with said sleep. In high school, I'd drink NyQuil to make myself pass out so I could sleep. Now that I'm out of the house, I just make myself stay up to the point where I may fall over from exhaustion at any given moment. It's the only way I don't drive myself insane.

-My little broseph and I are really close. He's the coolest kid I know. He makes me so proud. I miss him a lot.

-I played softball and did track in high school. I was also a dance team member. bwahahahahahaaaaaa

-I was on homecoming court and was ASB president.

-Use to be a hardcore vegetarian. I still don't eat much meat and I adore anything soy. :)

-I use to be in two bands while in high school. The first one sucked because I ended up having to tell the guys what to play and the second one was great because I didn't have to.

-I could EASILY eat chicken every single, stinkin' day and NEVER get sick of it. Same goes for mangoes.

-Charles Bukowski is my favorite author EVAAAR. He kinda warped my young, malleable mind, though. lol

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