Friday, March 13, 2009

Seriously. Seeeeriously.

Sooooo I pretty much feel the love.

Yessum, I'm feelin' it.

First, mi madre made the trek to see me tonight.

Then, Merrick brought me FLOWERS after the performance (awww!!)!

THEN, I get home at 1 AM, go brush my teeth, and as I open the cabinet door, I see a piece of paper with my name on it. It was a little note from my roomie telling me I did awesome and good luck on my interview tomorrow! Could I ask for a better bestie/roomie? I think not. :)


I smiled so fucking much this evening, my mouth hurts. It hurts so good! Thanks everyone!! <3

Got the car back today. Yeah, it shit the bed yesterday when I was LITERALLY three blocks away from my house. Go fuckin' figure. But I got Julia (my car's name.. yeah, I named her) this evening, so life can resume.

Recording today and tomorrow. GAH. I will more than likely miss tonight's game (Ams @ Spokanistan) so I'm pretty much pissed. I believe I will be in the clear for Saturday's game (Spokanistan @ Ams), but I can't go. I can only watch! BOOOOOO.

Oh, and I have an interview this afternoon. Keeping my appendages crossed.

Went to the team signing yesterday with "Dave Schultz" and Shari. Went to Fiesta (best be jealous) then hit up the signing. Didn't get anything signed. Mainly because I find it kinda odd to ask a bunch of 16-20 year old boys to sign their name on a poster. I just wanted the poster. lol

And saw some of our players when I went to lunch today with some besties. They are pretty much A-FUCKING-DORABLE. lol

That's all. :) I'll blog from recording tomorrow or some shit.

Oh, and sorry if this post is a bit scatterbrained and whatnot. It's like 3 AM. I'm tired. But felt the urge to blog. :)

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