Monday, March 16, 2009

Places to see, people to do.

I was out-and-about con mi amiga this afternoon and found these shot glasses. I pretty much had to laugh my ass off. I forgot to get pics, but there were also some shot glasses that said "I &hearts Jesus." haha Goooo figure.

Yeah, don't drink, kids. It's bad for ya.

Anyway, I think I'm going to the Friday ploff game. Pretty much excited. Gonna bring one of my friends along for her first hockey game EVAR, too. YAY!

Um, so I'm seriously considering trying out to sing the anthems (Canadian and US) for a game or something for next season (it's probably too late for anything this season). "Dave Schultz" introduced the idea to me. I dunno, though. It may require copious amounts of alcohol and proverbial balls on my part. It would be nice to do something new-slash-different. Could be fun. But I'm still kickin' that idea around...

Tomorrow night is the makeup game against the Spokanistan Queefs (thanks to Kimberly for the ticket!!). Originally, I couldn't go because of recording, but as luck would have it, half of the Queefs gots teh foodz poisoning and pussed out and postponed the game to a night where I could go. YAY! (Note: I'm not exactly stoked that they are sick, but just the fact that the date changed makes me happy. C'mon, I'm not that mean!)

I also have a performance tomorrow night (well, technically tonight) which happens to start at 7:30 PM. Coincidentally, the hockey game starts at 7:05 PM. Eff. But I have a plan. And I'll make it to the game. I should be golden. Gonna sit with a whole new group of people and I'm STOKED! I love meeting new people! :)

BTW, have I ever mentioned how much I love our team??

And FYI, we won the game last night. Plouffy is injured (NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and Spencer totally checked a Coug from behind (this may or may not be taken in a horrible way) and accidentally kinda fucked him up. Behbeh is now suspied (ohh you hockey players and your nonsensical words). Not sure what exactly is wrong with the Coug dude, but if you're laying on the ice, writhing in pain for like 5 minutes, I'm gonna assume the sitch isn't good. So Spencer... my darling, sweet, dimpled, little Spencer... please be careful. I hate seeing you not play. But, I'm not gonna lie, I like seeing you in a suit, too. But that's another blog for another day. So yeah. Please be careful. :)

On a sidenote, Jimmy Fallon's late night show SUCKS. I'm sorry, baby. You're just not funny. You try waaaaay too hard. You're awkward. Oh, and you're NOT Conan, so quit trying to take on his little quirks and whatnot. It doesn't work. :(

And on another sidenote, I just wanna say "hey, thank you! you're awesome and you kick large amounts of hind-end!" to those who follow my blog and anyone else who happens to stumble upon my incessant ramblings published for all to see. Seriously, I'm surprised even one person wants to read this shit. lol So, thanks! :) I'm gonna go eat cupcake now to celebrate. lol


spokant said...

OMG! TRY OUT! TRY OUT! TRY OUT! Pleeeeaaase it'd be AWW-SUM!

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