Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I've never taken off my clothes that fast.

Spokanistan decided they'd grace us with their food-poisoned, classless, douchey presence tonight.

2-1 final Spokanistan. Thank God this game didn't mean squat.

I can't really give too many details of the game because I wasn't there for 90% of the game. I had a performance tonight, but I ended up bailing while waiting to get on stage. I know, that sounds pretty lame, but I was gonna have to lip synch the ENTIRE performance because my singing voice is shot. I have about a 4 note range and it sounds like SHIT. Besides, they have PLENTY of altos; they wouldn't miss me. And my stomach was feeling all sorts of vomitty unawesomeness, so I was outtie. I was planning on staying the entire time and skipping the game, but I figured, "fuck it. Why waste space and not contribute to the sound when I can be at the game or something?" BTW, I've never skipped out on a performance EVER, so cut me some slack kthxbai.


I just wanna know why Tokarski wasn't playing. We needed a sieve out there.

And my effin' Hockey Hubby #1 (I have to number my Hockey Hubby now because there is a second one) STARTED tonight. FUCK ME RUNNING SIDEWAYS, I MISSED IT. I missed his goal on Friday, and now I missed him starting. Seriously, doubleyouteeEFF.

Oh, and Mitch the Bitch Wahl showboating after he got the last goal... I wanted to punch him in his non-existant nuts. And I wanted to punch Jared Spoogon (or whatever his name is) in the nuts, too, just for shits 'n giggles.

I don't really know what else to report on. Oh, wait, yes I do have something. Uncle Mitch was 3rd star tonight! Yay! Gotta love that guy.

And just to explain my title for this entry: I had to do a good ol' fashioned costume change between the performance (or lack thereof) and the game. I was wearing a LBD and had to change into my Spokanistan shirt and jeans. I've never change clothes that fast EVER. And to think, I did it all for a bunch of hockey players. Go figure. lol :)

Happy St. Patricks Day! :)


spokant said...

Your hockey hubby also missed a WIDE OPEN NET so don't be too upset. :)

What's your stati on making this weekend's games?

You Took My Seat said...

hahaha Shiiit. So true. :)

This weekend... I've got me a ticket to the Friday game (bringing a friend for her first game, too!) and I may or may not be going to Saturday's game. I'm seriously considering it, though! :)