Thursday, March 5, 2009

Millicent needs sleep.

Oh my fucking gosh, I'm so sick of this crappy, indecisive weather. It was like hailing 10 minutes ago and pulling some monsoon crap right before that. doubleyouteeFUCK.

I have a gig tomorrow. Ugh. I don't really wanna do it either. My head is somewhere other than music at the moment.

I feel like someone kicked the shit outta me. Hmm. If I'm getting sick, I'm gonna kick someone in the shins. If I get sick now, recording next weekend is gonna SUCK. Probably to the point where I won't have a voice. :( And I kinda need that thing.

I'm currently running off of a bagle and two bajillion milligrams of caffiene. I may want to look into eating someday. lol

Can't freakin' wait to get my playoff tickets!! I hope I get the seats I wanted. If I don't, I'm gonna cry like a little bitch, get over it, and sit wherever they put me. I can't hold grudges.

And the quarter is almost OVER! Hory chit, that was fast (TWSS). And anthropology is kicking my ass.

But on a good note, I wuv my new hockey friendlies. They are the BESTEST. Like hella. ;)


"Dave Schultz" said...

sick is bad. so get better.

we wuv you too!!!!

You Took My Seat said...

Awwww!! :D