Sunday, March 1, 2009

"Ladies, can't we all just fuck off?"


Had a GREAT time at the Ams/Winter Hawks game! Nice little group of us sitting together. Lots of fucking off. Had a guest as well! His name is James and he is currently touring through all the west coast hockey teams and tonight was his night in Tri-Town. Read his blog here. Actually, he is the proud creator of this blog title and I thought I'd lift it for tonight's entry. :) He was lucky enough to sit with our little group of sexiness. haha

Got to go to my first post-game skate with the team. Of course, my luck, it's the last one of the year. :( Got some pics with a few players and whatnot. I should have gone out and skated, but honestly, I've only skate like twice in my life (once like last year, but I use to KILL at rollerblading when I was a behbeh. haha) and I suck shit. haha I still should have. I'll work on it this summer or something. :) But, gosh, it would have been a great excuse to have my Hockey Husband hold my hand and drag me all over that ice... (drools) Okay, I need to stop.

So, we won 5-3. Hughesman had 2 goals for the night- awesome. Jason, Shinny, and Fadden also put one down in the books as well. Woohoo! Boys on a definite roll. But the fucking Winter Hawks were "Winter Hawking it" and made the game go on FOREVER (that's what it felt like). Joel Ridgeway (former Americans player) is totally rockin' the Rapunzel locks, and I'm not gonna lie- I love it. Martyniuk started tonight because Chet is out (duh) with some sort of injury (have yet to hear what he has going on). Other behbeh goalie, Owsley, was backup tonight. He looked fucking ADORABLE. haha Poor thing hasn't been able to get in his uni for like a month, I swear. :( He didn't seen any playing time, though. Your time will come, behbeh. But Marty played well tonight; I am superduper happy for him. Keep it up! He might want to consider getting a kickass paint job on that goalie mask of his, though. Y'know, spice it up, babycakes. :) You deserve it!!

Overall, tonight was awesome! I'm just getting that sinking heart/pit-in-your-stomach feeling because the season is quickly coming to an end. :( Hoping to snag season tickets for next year. I'm hopelessly addicted to this great team (yeah, that sounds kinda creepy) and totally thankful for all the AWESOME people I've met because of it. :) I mean, I may actually forego transferring out for the rest of my Bachelors degree just so I can stay here for my hockey team. I'm totally serious. lol

Had a nice time with the broseph this weekend and miss him already; he's a great kid. Tired, though. We stayed up till the wee hours of the morning hanging out. Mainly because I was pretty wound up from the Spokanistan game.


spokant said...

"sinking heart/pit-in-your-stomach"

God, I know the feeling. Especially when you're in love with one of the 20 year olds. :*(

You Took My Seat said...

I know!! Ugh. Seriously. It's depressing. I can't imagine them NOT being there. :( I'll totally cry like a little bitch at their last game.