Friday, February 13, 2009


You know what sucks about listening to hockey games over the radio (especially when the game is taking place, like 5 miles away)?

You can't see anything.

Okay, I'm sure you figured that out. I went Captain Obvious on your ass.

But, really- it sucks when you can't see anything. Especially when the freakin' announcers don't even know what's going on themselves and start blabbing about a player being shaken up and frustrated over something, but can't tell you why. DOUBLEYOUTEEFUCK, dudes. Don't effin' tease me like that.

Despite my bitchings and gripes, we're still up 2-1 in the 2nd. :) So we better win, my sweet little hockey hunks.

Party is tonight (!). I still need to get ready. All black attire? WTF? I don't know what I have to wear. I don't want to wear one of my little black dresses, but shhheeeeeyit, son. Other than that, I've got sweatpants. haha

I need some sleep. I could stil be asleep if I REALLY wanted to (I took a nap earlier), but I forced myself to wake up so I could listen to the game. Oh, and I was hungry, too. But that's beside the point because hockey is better than food. Hockey FTW.

Speaking of sleep... I need to learn how to sleep. Like, going to bed before midnight (and definitely before the sun comes up... d'oh!) and waking up before you've slept half the day away. I wish I could do that. But I perpetually fail. Le sigh.

I'm gonna go shower.

For the billionth time today.

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