Sunday, October 11, 2009

...And then God said, "Let there be hockey."

Why, yes, my little muffins! 'Tis the season!


Um, it's been on since like, last month, so I'm a tad late on this. But I'm doing this in case you've been living under a rock for the past month. So, let's play catch-up, shall we? And this game of catch-up is going to catch up on everything, including my own personal hap'nins.

-Coach up and left me. Or our team, rather. Yes, left. I get a text message at 5:30 AM from "Dave Schultz" informing me of said news. Worst morning wake-up ever, even if it was from one of my most favorite people in the world.

-Oh, but before Nachbaur left us, Uncle Mitch was traded. Bob broke my little heart with that trade. However, it was inevitable. Had we not traded him, we would have been left with like 3 million OAs. But Uncle Mitch is currently head honcho of Chilliwack. So it's CAP'N MITCH to you, bish.

-I got my AA degree. Nothing to celebrate, but either way, it's over. Like Uncle Mitch, I'm on to bigger and better things (TWSS). YEEEESSSSS.

-New jerseys for mah teem. At first, I hated the shit out of them, but they are sorta growing on me. I guess it helps that my team is ridiculously good-looking and can make most anything look damn good.

On to things that really matter...

Lotsa n00bz on the team, but so far, so good.

Drydn Dow: this kid's got something, and it's not just ridiculously good looks. He's gonna be something special and he's already showing a lot of potential. He might be a n00b, but when he's got the puck, I don't really find myself holding my breath, unlike other players (coughcoughrileymcintoshcoughcough).

Yuen: hasn't been playing lately, mainly because we are an army of D-men, so naturally, they make him scratch. But either way, in pre-season, he looked good, as usual.

Sophomore Squad (a.k.a. Macek, Shinny, Feser, Asuchak, etc.): So fucking good. Feser Laser had a natural hat trick when Spokane was in town a week ago! This kid is a stud. He'll go pro one day. But, the boys who are in their sophomore season are looking good. No sophomore slumping to be seen yet. <3

DREW MF OWSLEY: Hory chit, bishes! Hellooooooo starting goalie! Behbeh here went from modeling suits (not by choice, though) to showing bishes how it's done. First star honors in Portland on Friday and third star honors when Spokanistan was in town on the 3rd. The three of us ("Dave",normalooking, and myself) were holding up a sign at games that said "I BELIEVE IN DREW OWSLEY!" Yeah, he knew about. How could he not? We lost it, though. :( But anyhooooo, Owsley is fucking awesome. 'Nuff said. So stoked for him.

Basically, my team is awesome. No joke. I really have nothing to complain about. As some of my hockey friends and I have discussed, we've got a lot of depth. We aren't just relying on one or two players to make things happen scoring-wise. We don't have one line that gets shit done, but we have a few lines that look good and do good things with the puck. Quite impressive. Each player does his job and it's beautiful sight. Coach Hiller is doing some great things with this team. He's rotating almost everyone. More than just the same 6 dudes see ice time. Whatever you're doing, Coach, keep it up.

Oh, and another thing... I gotz a kitteh! SEE?!

Gordon Stanley, bishes. Or Gordie if you're awesome. That's from the first day I brought him home (barely 2 months old... AWWWWW). He had a bit of an upper respiratory infection, so that's why his eyes looked a bit grody, but mama made him better. Behbeh is 4 months old now... growin' like a weed. And he's a hockey kitteh. He's awesome.

GAME TONIGHT IN SEATTLE! Let's go boys! Livebloggin' over at "Dave Schultz" humble blogadobe. So head over! Listen to either 870 AM or for all the game shizz and make awesome comments with us. I'm pregaming with some Starbucks, so I'll be ready. Prepare for brilliance.


Wangler said...

Your kitten looks just like our kitten, who the kids creatively named "Oreo".

Gotta love kitties!

You Took My Seat said...

aww, oreo. i thought of that, but then i thought again. i really wanted my cat to take to his name, so i figured if i gave him a badass name, he'd be a badass. so far, he hasn't let me down!