Monday, May 11, 2009

...Because stats homework is better at 1 AM.

I got done with my online midterm on the effects of French colonialism in Algeria. If that topic doesn't make me feel like a pompous asshole, then I don't know what will (dont know why it would, though...).

Anyway, so the Stanley Cup playoffs are whittling away down to the final few teams. Currently, my Chicago Blackhawks are still in the running. I was sorta rooting for the 'Nucks, but now that they are playing Chicago, I am now all for Chicago. As for the Bruins/Canes series... I'm torn. I like both teams equally. I guess, I'll be happy with whoever comes outta that one... And with the Anaheim/Detroit series... Ducks all the way, baby. So there's my two pesos.

11 days until NYC... I was really, really, superduper close to bowing out of the whole thing a couple days ago, but after talking to a few people, I guess I'm gonna go. I dunno. I'm trying not to be pessimistic about the whole thing. I'll probably chug half a bottle of NyQuil to get through the bus rides and flights with those sonsabitches.

Guys are lame. I'm so done with guys it's not even funny. I don't like the right ones and the ones that are into me Facebook stalk me, text me 24/7, and just generally annoy the fuck out of me. And it's awkward. And they still live at home. And they don't understand why I can't hang out all the time because I have school/work/other shit to deal with beyond my maturity level. All-in-all, they need to leave me the fuck alone, I just don't have the heart to tell them that. haha

Speaking of school, work, and other shit beyond my maturity level... I might be burned out. But then again, I may or may not be surprised seeing that I haven't had one quarter off since... ever. I've been going to school since I started my senior year of fucking high school back in '06- WTF am I doing? And now that graduation is almost here, I'm just trying to barely keep my head above water grade-wise (but that's how i have been the past two years). Work, on top of school, on top of family shit, on top of friends, on top of other adult things I'm not accustomed to equals one big clusterfuck of burnout. FML.

And Canada lost the world championship... dammitdammitdammit.

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spokant said...

I hope you have a great time in NYC. Don't stress about it; roll with the punches and give yourself a break from constantly thinking, planning and worrying. You have more going on at 20 than I think I have... ever!