Sunday, April 12, 2009

This is my obligatory sappy, emotastic, end-of-season post.

I haven't updated this in a while, but nobody cares because nobody reads it so no loss there. Well, okay, I lied. One person does. WOOHOO! :D

I believe I left off with our April 4th win against Kelowna on home ice... it was sweet. Up 2-0 in the series; the games were intense. But, 8 days have passed since and a lot happened.

April 7th @ Kelowna- L
April 8th @ Kelowna- L
April 10th @ home- L

and tonight...

April 12th @ Kelowna- L. Americans eliminated, Kelowna goes on. :(

Too many injuries, too many guys missing, too much of everything. But, lets not make any excuses.

The last game for Procyshen, Reese, Fadden, and Pickard (amongst other players who may not be coming back... *sobs*). I was only listening to the game, but I was told by people who were watching that Chet was crying after coach pulled him out to put Martyniuk in the net. Talk about heartbreaking.

So, I'm gonna deliver with this whole emotastic blog deal... and here it goes:

First off- Taylor Procyshen. Not only a great player, but an awesome guy in general. Total inspiration. Great captain. I couldn't have asked for a better guy to lead this team.

Jason Reese- Helloooo, difference maker! He did so much for the team. Love watching him play. Brought a lot of experience to the team and knowing that he started out here as a Jr. AM is pretty awesome. Reese came full circle here and I'm so glad to have been able to witness it!

Mitch Fadden- Our ("Dave"'s) little (big) redheaded stallion. You have no idea how thankful I am we got this guy during that midseason trade business. Behbeh really did "get 'er done, eh." Insane. Another difference maker, fo' sho.

Chet Pickard- Whatta man, whatta man. Great goalie. I can't imagine what we would have done without him! He had a great career here in Tri. I'm so stoked to see him go on to the next level. We'll most definitely miss this one.

This was the first season I was able to really get into because I lived close enough to go to the games (I've followed the AMS for years though) and whatnot. This team has a lot of heart and a lot of talent. The n00bs like Behbeh Yuen, Shinny FTW4EVER, and Messier (those are just a few) give me a great feeling about next season. I'm fucking jacked about next season! And with our 19-year-olds, who knows? McColm, Toll, Lazo, Stoklasa, Plouffe... Personally, if I had it my way, we wouldn't lose any of 'em, but the Dub says "fuck off, you can only have 3." Ugh. :(

*So, hockey behbehs... I know none of you will ever read this, but it makes me feel better to write this all out... It was a great season. No lie. We are sooo proud of you guys! You guys did fantastic and it was awesome to be able to witness it. So here's to next year: whether you'll be back here in TC, playing with another team in the Dub, in the AHL, in the NHL, in another league I didn't mention, or just done and moving on to the next phase of your life.* You guys deserve all the cuppies and cookies in the world!

And Hockee Frendz, I'm so thankful to have met you all!! You made this season even better! I had a blast and laughed harder with you all than I have with other people. We can't let the end of the season be the end of us hanging out! :) Love you all!!!! ♥♥

In other awesomeness, the NHL ploffs are coming up! So my hockey obsession won't be too starved after tonight. :) And my browser is decked out in a Montreal Canadiens theme. 'Cause I'm fucking fabulous like that. haha


"Dave Schultz" said...

I read your site.

<3 you

<3 my behbehs too.

sad face.

spokant said...

I read your site too! And while I am totally into celebrating the Ams' accomplishments, the heart break is just now starting to sink in. I may or may not be crying a little.

Cleo said...

Aww ... the boys have been phenomenal but the hockey friends ... I just can't articulate how awesome you all are. I'm with you, YTMS, we need to keep in touch throughout this boring off season!