Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rants and raves from moi.


-My roommate has been rambling NON-STOP this entire week. Rambling about EVERYTHING. Do I care to hear about boots and Wrangler jeans for an hour? No. Soup? No. NASCAR? FUCK THAT. She talks a shitload but ends up saying nothing at all. GAAAAAAAAAAH.

-Roomie's "empty" latte cup on my car floor. She must have stepped on it yesterday while shopping 'cause it exploded on my floormat. AWESOME. Thanks, idiot. I'll make sure my latte finds its way on your car floor as well.

-Grocery shopping has got to be the most annoying thing EVER.

-Waiting for LiveBlog to roll around.

-The people at Starbucks who make my drink wrong. Grr.


-Retail therapy yesterday!

-Getting my old job back!! You have NO IDEA how happy I am about this. I missed working there.

-Planning a coffee date with friends I haven't chilled with in FOREVER!

-Getting almost $100 back on my book buybacks at school (even though I probably paid double that for both, but whatevs).

-Hockey game this weekend!

-Sunshine today.


I only did this because I have nothing super interesting to talk about on here. lol Feel free to rant and rave at me.

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