Sunday, March 22, 2009

5 Alarm Burger? Bitch, puh-leese.

Ams began their playoff series with the good ol' Everett Silvertips the other night (Friday). In case we're not up-to-speed here, I chug/bathe in the Haterade when it comes to this team; just like I do with Spokanistan. They can pretty much fuck off.


Friday night (6-5 Ams):

I don't think I've heard the glass and all that shizz rattle and bang around THAT hard in a LONG time. Very physical. Dimples still suspended. But the best thing about this game??


That's right, beesh, behbeh is BACK! I just wanted to hug him and shower him with cookies and cuppies and rainbows and confetti and Lisa Frank stickers.

Downside to this celebration is defense thought they were in fucking Cancun (or some other terribly overrated vacay spot) on Spring Break or some shit. Um, harro??? You're in Kennewick and you have a game to play. :)

I don't wanna get into too much detail because I hate long ass posts (don't wanna bore anyone...), BUUUUT the refs sucked massive amounts of ass (Hanson, I'm talkin' 'bout you) and we ended up being 5-5. At the end of the 3rd period. And you know what that means.


So I'm thisclose to having a heart attack, but then someone saves my life.

It wasn't one of my two Hockey Hubbies (mouth-to-mouth plz&thnku).

No, my dear friends, we have ANOTHER player to add to the Hockey Hubby roster (official roster conveniently located to the right of the text).

Justin motherfucking Feser busts out a Feser Laser and scores the game winner and prevents a heart attack!!!

I pretty much heart this boy. ♥♥♥

Kruise and Adam also 3-star winners as well.


Uncool shit of the night: Shitty reffing, Heemskerk NOT being a sieve, getting cat-called in the parking lot while walking to my car and being asked if I wanted to go get drunk.


Saturday night (3-2 Everett):

First off- Dimples is back!! Oh, welcome back, babycakes.

Boys looking better than last night (hallelujah)! It's just that fucking HEEMSKERK! Holy hell, he needs to open up that five-hole.

REFS SUCKING HARDER THAN EVER TONIGHT. Fuck me running sideways. I'm pretty sure the refs are listed on the Everett roster. Could not make a decent call to save their balls. So many potential penalties just flatout IGNORED. Riley looked pretty good out there tonight, too. He's been playing a lot better lately! WOOHOO! Shinny, what can I say? Working his ass off just like every game. Overall, boys played better tonight than last night. I mean, 47 shots-on-goal. BUT, we still lost.

I can't imagine how frusterated/pissed off the entire team felt. Just sitting my happy ass in the crowd was frustrating, but they had a whole different level of frustration to deal with.

Not gonna say much more about this game. Too pissed off. I flipped off the refs one too many times (my bad)... BRING ON WEDNESDAY!

Uncool shit of the night: BEYOND-PATHETIC REFS, Everett players just looking to start shit, Heemskerk NOT being a sieve again, "5 Alarm Burger" being a .5 Alarm Burger.

On a high note: Hockee frendz FTW!! I love you all!


spokant said...

ShinnyFTW4ever = best tag ever.

We need to hang out again when I'm not on the verge of flipping the fuck out for numerous reasons.

"Dave Schultz" said...

.5 alarm burger LULZ!!

Red Robin = full of fail. Except Johnny, Chet, Pokey, and Suds.

oh and us. NOT full of fail right there.

You Took My Seat said...

@Spokant: Yo concuro. Hangout sesh is mandatory when there aren't so many sucktastic things happening!

@Dave: When I first moved down here, RR was hounding me to come work for them (idk why). Looking back, I'm glad I didn't. I would have been a part of that elite force of FAIL.

And we are pretty much AWESOME. We are a fail-free group. BOOYA!