Monday, February 16, 2009

Orange Julius, you slay me.

My most favorite sweatshirt EVER has been injured.

My effin' Orange (well, techinically, it was strawberry) Julius crapped on my YELLOW sweatshirt. Yeah, a nice little stain... Not sure if it'll come out. But I'm pissed. Add it to the injured list... Oh, science.

Speaking of food... I heart miso soup. IN FACT! I'm eating right now. Drinking it. Eh, I don't know. Consuming it? Yes, that sounds right. I'm consuming it. :)

And this miso soup is making me crave some freakin' sushi!

So tour is coming up this week... normally, I'd be stoked, but I think tour is gonna suck hardcore. Nothing super awesome. I'm pretty sure nobody has all of their stuff down... Bitches. I'm probably gonna be stuck driving the van AGAIN. :( All I wanna do is sleep on the way to our exotic locales. Can't I get mah beyootie sleep??

This whole week (well, what's left of it seeing I was screwed out of a day) is gonna be nothing but bullshit busy mumbo-jumbo. I'm sooooo not looking forward to it, either. I can feel my stress levels rise. :( I might cry. But I'll probably just go scream into a pillow or sing my ass off on tour. But screaming sounds more appealing...

And I ordered a sexy shirt. A sexy Spokanistan shirt! Mmm. I can't wait! Two day shipping= totally worth it. Gonna rock that shit on Saturday! Saturday is pretty much my only brightspot this week. But it's the bestest brightspot. Fo shizz. Imma be da coolest bitch at skool.

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"Dave Schultz" said...

I'm thinking we need a photo of everyone with their "Spokanistan" shirts on Saturday. Just sayin.