Monday, February 9, 2009

Oh, science.

I'm a sore hunk of muscle right now. I worked out and felt EVERY SINGLE REP in EVERY SINGLE MUSCLE. And I have knots in my back and shoulders. I feel like I'm 40 instead of 20. Gah.

I had a midterm this morning in my biological anthropology class... I might have weasled a C out of it- maybe. Hopefully, prof is feeling generous and will give me half credit on some of that; that test was hard!

But, despite some suckiness, my Ams won last night! 5-2. Eat it, Lethbridge. :) Mitch McColm is still out due to some nasty crash with the glass. BUMMER. :( But, I got a little excited while listening to the game, and probably pissed off my neighbor, but I started whoopin' and hollerin' at the radio when cute-as-a-button Brooks Macek flipped a bitch on Brody Sutter and got three penalties. Good times! Such a badass. Too bad he's like 16. haha

New FreeForm music is going pretty good. Just wish bitches would show up for rehearsals once in a while and not suck shit all the time. Oh well. Such is the life. :)

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"Dave Schultz" said...

cute as a button--check.