Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dear Spokane Chiefs,

I just wanna say you guys really accentuated your douche-baggery tonight.


Just because we own you on home ice... in front of a sold-out-crowd (10,538 in attendance)... *ahem* doesn't mean sportsmanship and general sense goes down the fucking drain.

I'm not gonna say much anymore because, really- what more can I say?

Well, I guess I can say "fuck off."


You guys can fuck right off... right now.

No love,



Ams @ Spokanistan.

5-2 Ams final.

One of the most physical games I've ever seen. INSANE.

Also, wore my Spokanistan shirt. Schmexy, baby.

Chet got knocked out 2nd period. Some Spokanistan pissant got mad because Chet caught a shot in his glove... then decided to beat the fuck out of poor Chet. I shit you not, he was knocked the fuck out. Laid out, not really moving. Poor baby! Had to leave the game right there. Not sure what's going on with him now; hopefully, it's not a concussion! Martyniuk stepped in and only allowed one goal toward the end of the night- good job, sweet thang!

After about a thousand fights, there were about 58 or so penalties total. A SHIT-TON. The official game report says we racked up 170 minutes in the PB and Spokane wound up with 172. Holy fucking shit. It was mentioned that maybe a few dirty Chiefs may be suspended. Here's to hoping they get what they deserve.

Texted "Dave Schultz", who made the trek up to Dirty Chief Country, throughout the game and said even some of the fans were being escorted out after the first few initial Ams/Chief fights. Crazy shit, son.

Tonight was Spokanistan's turn for pink ice. Praise baby Jesus, it wasn't that awful Pepto Bismol color. During an intermision, Comcast interviewed Kruise Reddick and asked him about the pink ice. He said "you can actually see the lines." hahaha Hmm... wonder what he was insinuating??


I may have to come back tomorrow and describe a little more because there is SO much that happened (kinda). I can't really put it all together coherently right now. haha I'm too wound up (still)!

Went to the Ams/Chilliwack game on Wednesday with "Dave Schultz", Mikaela, and Cristal. Had a blast! Kind of a boring game, but our boys played well and won. Gotta love it. Our boys are on a great run right now. Tomorrow, Portland is in town. Going to that as well (woohoo, thanks again!), so I'm looking forward to that. I'm also trying to get a playoff package... never purchased one before, so I may need to enlist some help or something so I don't fuck it up.

And I'm happy to say that my broseph is currently sitting across the room from me. :) He's here to visit me for a day or two. I missed him!

Oh, and I just want to say, I fucking LOVE my Ams. Keep up the good work, behbehs. ;)

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