Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dear Ams,

I love you.

If you were collectively one person, I'd so marry you and make tons and tons of behbehs witchu.

But, you aren't, so whatever. Wishful thinking.

Anyhoo, I'm so glad you won tonight. I'll admit I was a little nervous 'cause I wasn't sure if your A-game would be good enough, considering the Asshats a.k.a. Chiefs were coming off a loss from last night. I figured they'd be a little angry at the world and try to pwn your asses on home ice.

But you won. It was hawt.




So yeah, I had a shitload of fun tonight. Wore my Spokanistan shirt, went with my friend Matt (who promised to bail my ass outta jail in case I decided I wanted to tackle someone... more on that below), screamed my ass off, and watched my team win 2-1. Got our little group shot taken for our Spokanistan shirts. From what I understand, people liked them. lol

I walked past Drew Owsley in the concourse right before the game. I was so tempted to stop him and ask if I could run my hands through that fluffy, wonderful hair of his. Or I could have just tackled his adorable ass and run my hand through his hair, but I wasn't feeling that ornery.But really, if you don't know why I would want to do such a thing to an innocent little 17-year-old goalie, go find your happy ass a picture of him and look at that hair. Just look at it. It screams "I LATHER, RINSE, AND REPEAT."

Saw Petr Stoklasa in the concourse as well. Poor thing. Got his arm all up in that sling business. Not good. Get better bbi.

Fadden scored a goal like .2 seconds after the game started. I peed a little. Pickard was fan-fucking-tastic, too. The guys did well, that's fo sho. Kinda wish we woulda got a third goal, but I'm not complaining. We could have passed the puck to the right people once in a while, too, but oh well. Had n00b Zach Yuen in there, too. He's looking good.

Oh, and Mitch McColm needs to come back. Today. Still out. :(

We also had some fucked up little ref. Herman. Little fucker. I was seriously considering staying after the game and giving him a good ol' post-game beatdown. He was redonkulous. I wanted to punch him in the face. He was just off-the-wall.

"Dave Schultz" got her stick, too! Pickard, you did the right thing; you know what's up. :) We were gonna get that stick signed by Fadden afterwards, but everyone and their dog was in line to meet him. Apparently, he's popular or something. haha

Oh, and say "hi" to my boobs.

I mean, shirt:

Oh piss. I love you, Ams.

Edit: I just saw Pepperdine was at Gonzaga tonight. They should have just stayed home. 92-58 Zags. Seriously. Bring some competition next time, guys. Sheesh. Save yourselves the trip.

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